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Lacquer Room takes pride in specializing in avant-garde nail trends. Our Top Rated Nail Artists are known for their expertise, professionalism and eminent customer service. Lacquer Room clients love our consistency and ability to provide them with the best looking hands in New York City. We thrive on tailoring each experience to satisfy each individual's taste.
124a Saint Ann's Avenue Bronx,NY 10454
(718) 665-6245

Our Services

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Faux set – 40

Acrylic Fill-in – 20

Sculpted Gel set – 60

Sculpted Gel Fill-in – 30

Removal – 10

Nail Repair – 6


Polish Change – 12

Lil Diva Mani – 10
Manicure – 15
French Manicure – 20
Signature Spa Manicure – 25
UV Gel Manicure – 30
Claritza’s Funky Master Piece Mani – Call

Gentlemen’s Manicure – 20


Pedicure – 25
French Pedicure – 30
Shellac Pedicure – 45

Spa Pedicure – 45

Makeup & Eyebrows

Eyebrow Sculpting – 10
Eyebrow Tinting – 25

Makeup full face – 65

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What our clients are saying

The Laquer Room is a wonderful place. Claritza and her staff work extremely hard to provide their clientele with excellent service and beyond satisfactory results. I have been doing my nails for over 15 years now and I have never had someone pay so much attention to ensuring my damaged nails become healthy again. She wants the best for her clients which is why she employs those who have the same work ethic and values for their clients. I appreciate the Lacquer Room staff because satisfaction is their primary goal. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. You walk in for the first time and feel as if you’ve been going there for years. There has never been a time I’ve left feeling dissatisfied.  Usually I am very particular about what colors and designs, if any, I have completed but with Clari’s talent and skill, I feel comfortable allowing her to choose. Regardless of the simplicity or intricacies, my nails are always done to perfection. Thank you Clari, Layla, Elena, and Stephanie Elena for their hard work. You are all appreciated.

Lacquer Room Customer Profile picture
Jessica Lynn R. Mount Eden/NY

Love Claritza & her magnificent skills with shaping every style! She is currently by appointment only and had the best variety of nail colors I have ever seen! Location is close to highway & subway stations. Parking was a bit difficult but well worth the service!

Lacquer Room Customer Profile picture
Ama J

I have been seeing Claritza for a few years now, even before she opened this particular shop. It’s very refreshing to visit a salon in the Bronx that feels like a luxurious Manhattan nail spa.  Her skills are truly like no other, her nail care and shaping of acrylic tips is beyond amazing. Her prices are extremely reasonable for the level of skill your getting on the nails and nail art.  I no longer really get nail art because I’m just not into when I did her designs were incomparable.  Bottom line is if your into having healthy beautiful nails GO HERE!

Lacquer Room Customer Profile picture
Alexandra R. Oakland Gardens/NY

For 8 years now I’ve gotten my nail done by Claritza! She’s made a name for herself with the time and dedication she puts in her customers. No matter if it is a manicure/gel mani or acrylic tips, the shape and cuticle care are on point, and her designs are to die for. She can even put the cutest design on the tiniest fingers nails (my niece for example).
Her skill with nail art is one to desire!

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Essence D Bronx,Ny

I love claritza so much she’s. Real boss like she’s humble she is hard working and she attends to her job and does great job at doing nails God bless her soul I been going to her for months now and not only I got a great nail tech but we build a friendship as well

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Stephanie R. Mount Hope/Bronx NY

I’ve been a client of Claritza’s for over 5 years. She’s a very talented nail artist who is well versed in the latest nail trends. She pays very close attention to detail and takes great care in meeting her clients needs. Her salon is an clean and intimate oasis hidden in the heart of SoBro. Her staff is courteous & attentive. The pedicures are excellent and last well over two weeks. If you’re someone who wants carefully crafted nail art this is the place for you. Claritza is an amazing nail stylist who will go out of her way to make your services unforgettable. With that said you must be willing to have patience and understanding if you have to wait to be seen as she is the only nail tech in her salon that specializes in creating designs. The Lacquer Room is the perfect place to get your nail game tight!

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S2crespo New York/NY

I’ve been to MANY nail places looking for the perfect nails – smooth, even surface, pristine cuticles and awesome designs. This is the place! I’ve been coming here for over a year and each time I come in, I’m amazed by what they create. In between visits, I sometimes catch a glimpse of my nails while I’m working and LOVE looking at them. I always get multiple compliments after coming to see the ladies. Can’t say enough great things. They are passionate, super creative and absolutely love perfection!

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Violet S. Harlem

****I gave this salon 5 stars but Yelp is showing 4 :-/****

I was a bit frustrated when I arrived because I gave my cab driver the wrong address and wore the wrong shoes for the walk I had to do to get there. The business opened a bit later than I thought So I was forced to reschedule. I waited a bit and the owner opened up shop and was THE sweetest thing! She completely understood and even offered me a seat and an outlet for my dead phone so I could catch a Lyft.

When I was able to come back for my new appointment, I was not disappointed. They take their time with you. They talk to and with you like they’ve known you for years, and are very careful with your hands. It’s a little on the pricier side but well worth it because my nails have received so many compliments and they are shining through the hard work I put them through.

If I could give one criticism, it’s that prices aren’t really posted anywhere. While I did not assume I was getting ripped-off, I do want to make sure I have enough to cover all costs and during my first visit I had JUST enough! They are very transparent with the services you receive verbally, however.

I love that it’s a small business that produces really good work in the Bronx. As a new resident of the BX who goes to Manhattan for everything, my nails are now one less thing I’ll be traveling for.

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Justina S. New York/NY

After a long search I think I found a great nail salon in the south bx. No more traveling to Manhattan.

I had an appointment at 3pm. I arrived a little early and was seen on time. The decor is chic and comfortable. They practice cleanliness and my technician was very informative about nails and nail care , I forgot her name 🙁 will update once I know.

Will definitely recommend and return

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Ym N New York/NY

Since my first servicing here, I do highly recommend an appointment!( walk ins are accepted but you will wait)… I now keep a rolling appointment.. Just because of my first experience of waiting with no appointment..No problems at all!!.
Like I stated before.. Beautiful friendly shop, very clean and professional shop..always great vibes!
Defiantly a diamond in the rough of the south BX….

Lacquer Room Customer Profile picture
Shakeria G. New York/NY

Can’t say enough about Claritza and the lovely ladies at the lacquer room. Extremely professional and talented.

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Aleida G. Co-op city/Bronx N.Y

Layla really takes her time and pays attention to detail. She made sure each nail looks good individually and perfect all together. She’s innovative & creative… worth it!

Lacquer Room 2014 logo small Gallery
Harley Q

Great service and friendly staff. I didn’t feel out of place like i do at other nail salons. If i lived in the area i would come here all the time. The main nail tech is more expensive then the rest of the staff but she is worth it. Super nice and smart too. I like when someone is good at what they do and take time instead of just rushing thru the job. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

Lacquer Room 2014 logo small Gallery
Vincent A Jersey City/New Jersey